For miracles
you have to pray –
but for changes
you need to work.

Thomas von Aquin

Even as a small child, I could not understand sentences like “that’s what you do.” And why should I use models in my studies in such and such a way?

Only when we understand what we are doing, question the limits set from the outside, and look for our own, new solutions, will there be a positive change.

Be Change

Yes, visionary goals that are supposed to steer the world in new directions are fascinating. And they are necessary.

But it’s not always about THE change, but about questioning everyday routines even when it’s just so warm, soft and cozy. Only then can you actively shape change and not suddenly find yourself confronted with unloved changes.

Education re-thought

The school system, as we know it, dates from a time when efficiency was achieved when the largest possible number of people could do the same thing equally well.

Today, efficiency is achieved by computers faster, with fewer errors and at a lower cost.

So it is high time to rethink the way we see education.

Sustainable Strategies

All too often, however, change is confused with activism. Whether in a private or professional context.

Just don’t miss a train, a hype, a trend.

And inevitably the adaptation of a trend also leads to change. But not infrequently not to the one we want – and especially not in the long run.

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“Walk the talk – whilst eating the frog.”

After I wanted – as long as I could remember – to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and become a doctor, I had to realize at the age of 21 that you don’t necessarily become happy with the fixed idea of a stranger’s life in your head.

Since then, it seems as if entrenched situations have magically found me again and again.

No, I have often not shouted “Hooray” when the next restructuring was due or when I was handed something with status “zero” or “totally run-down.”

And because of the background of my upbringing and education, I tried for a long time to make something steady out of all these projects. To finish something decently. How one is supposed to do it – I thought.

But I have discovered that I am not good at maintaining.

It fascinates me far too much to learn, to take apparently finished puzzles apart into individual pieces and to develop something new from them, to accompany people, projects and organizations in their development.

I am not fascinated by one moment, but by how things keep changing. It’s not about finishing something or achieving THE goal, but about recognizing that life means change. It only matters what we make of it.


I am often told that it’s hard to grasp what I do and that I lack precise positioning. That’s true – and it is good. Where I can, I want to contribute to change. Without regard to the limits of a self-created positioning.